Tips To Have Safe Travel In India

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Tips To Have Safe Travel In India

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In this post, we’ll share the best travel websites on how to plan a vacation when booking flights, hotels, tours, and attractions.

Plus our best travel tips on how to access your money, buying travel insurance, travel packing tips, finding places to eat, getting visas and immunizations, and so much more!

Whether you are travelling alone or planning a family vacation, you deserve to go away and create priceless memories without stress in the trip planning process.

Also down below are our best vacation planning tips and the steps I would take to plan your dream trip. Call it our vacation checklist if you will.

Don’t know what to consider when planning a trip? Hopefully, this guide will save you some time, money, and your sanity!


Where do you want to go?

Your first step in how to start planning a trip is to choose a travel destination that meets your interests and travel budget.

Are you planning overseas travel or a domestic trip at home? Either way, the whole idea of taking a trip is to have a memorable time, to have fun and relax, and not to spend your whole vacation time worrying about money.

How much time do you have?

If you only have 1-2 weeks of vacation time per year, don’t waste too much of that time travelling to and from your destination. Plan your trip accordingly.

But if you have 2-4 weeks or over a month you can look at taking an overseas trip or travelling further within your home country.

Who are you travelling with?

When you plan your trip, your destination choices can be affected by your travelling companions.

Will you be travelling solo, as a couple, or taking family vacations?

Sit down with other members of your travelling group and discuss your ideas and interests. Memorable trips are those where each member gets to experience something they love.

Don’t leave it to one person to make all the decisions. Or, maybe you could take turns in choosing a destination each year!