Bright and effective Samsung Level On Wireless is a stylish youth version of best Bluetooth headphones of 2017 for those who appreciate convenience. The color scheme pleases with a variety, you can choose black, red, blue and white shade. On the matte surface, fingerprints are almost invisible.

Foldable design is convenient to use – in the folded amazon Pakistan form it takes up a minimum of space. The control system is on the right, like the indicator light. The weight of the product is 246 grams. The battery life is 11 hours.

The availability of the aptX codec becomes a significant advantage, providing excellent sound quality. This also contributes to a high level of noise insulation – nothing prevents you from listening to your favorite tracks. The sound is voluminous, with good detail in this best Bluetooth headphones under 200. The basses are very deep and alive, but at the same time the upper notes are well expressed – there are no sharp and metallic notes, as well as other sound defects.

Bluetooth headphones


  • Excellent sound insulation, despite the fact that the cups do not completely cover the ears;
  • For fast connection, use the NFC area;
  • Various connection options are available: both wired and wireless.


  • Sensors on the cup allow you to easily manage the device, but initially can cause inconvenience. There is a risk that it will not be possible to use this model if the frost is severe.

The size of the speakers is 50 mm, which ensures good quality of sound transmission. Excellent bass, good top and middle, the listening experience is exceptionally positive. The microphone is located at some distance from the mouth – as a result, the quality of voice transmission is reduced. You can answer a call, but for permanent communication, you should prefer another option.

he control system consists of four buttons, the light indicators allow you to monitor the level of charge of the device. The battery life is 12 hours.

This model is created not only for listening to music – its owner can enjoy the quality of sound, playing games or watching movies. The bass is deep and saturated – it is on them that the key accent is made.

Low frequencies allow you to feel the composition – for their sake, the developers sacrificed the tops and the middle, but the result was worth it.

Finally, forgetting about the constantly entangled wires, you can fully enjoy the comfort. If you choose the best wireless overhead headphones for sports, as well as everyday use, you should pay attention to Arctic Sound P311 or JBL Synchros E50BT. Do not disappoint and Samsung Level On Wireless, and Beats Solo2 Wireless  best Bluetooth headphones will traditionally please the luxurious bass.