Backlinking is one of the most effective SEO strategies. Backlinking is like building up the connections needed in order to redirect readers from other web pages into the specific pages you want them to visit. If a lot of people are coming into your website from such backlinks, then you are improving the rank of your pages and you will be able to earn more prospects and leads. Fortunately, backlinking has been made easier by the SEO Tool Station for it provides extremely useful set of free SEO tools that you can use for effective backlinking. These tools are discussed below.

Blog Finder Tool

The blog finder tool is a very effective tool that you can use to find essential or relevant blogs similar to your niche. You can connect with these blogs so that you can provide links to each other thereby gaining a mutual benefit of rank improvement. Also, this tool provides additional services like finding comments blogs, sponsor or donation links, resource pages, link roundups, and forums.

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Instant Backlink Indexer Tool

The instant backlink indexer is a tool that you can use to index your backlinks. Any kind of article that you submit to some other article submission websites can have backlinks quickly indexed using this tool. In addition, you can also index quickly any links that you have. So for instance, if you just posted a content online and you want it to get indexed quickly, then what you need is the instant backlink indexer tool. Search engines like Google can then recognize your links instantly.

Link Tracker Tool

Generation of many backlinks is not enough for an effective search engine optimization. You also have to trace these backlinks to make sure that they are not spammed. There are actually lots of bad guys out these, those competitors who will spam your backlinks. To prevent that from happening, use the link tracker tool to always keep an eye on your backlinks.

Broken Links Finder Tool

When you have generated a backlink for your contents, it is not the case that they will work all the time. There are cases when your backlinks do not work for some reason giving a 404 error to those who want to visit them. There are some reasons why links can get broken. One is that the target web page may be currently unavailable or that the permalink for that sire has been changed. Another possible reason is when the destination page for that link has been deleted. To know which of your backlinks has been broken, use the broken links finder tool so that you can fix them immediately and that you will not waste the contents associated to those backlinks.

The tools discussed above are very helpful tools for search engine optimization in terms of backlinking. So use these free SEO tools made by the SEO tool station to improve your website rankings.