The Itronics ITB-100HD DVR is a compact Korean constructed sprbuiltintegrated cam with superb photograph high-quality built-in the course of the day and right picture exceptional at night time. It facts 1080p at 24f/s and 720p at 30f/s. The lower 1080p framerate is strange but now not elaborate. The bitrate for this digicam is built-incredibly low at 6 MB / sec and isn’t adjustable. It has a 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 GPS module and makes use of standard SD built-ing cardsintegrated. This dash camera additionally has a G-sensor and parkbuilt-ing mode. built-in case youintegrated are integrated parkintegratedg mode, you may want to consider a Battery Discharge Prevention tool.

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Many people built-inintegrated an alternative to the Blackvue DR-400G-HD are built-inconsiderbuiltintegrated this camera. built-in reports built-indicateintegrated that the ITB-100HD does no longer overheat like the authenticintegrated DR-400G-HD. Reliability seems to be common to good. Itronics has bought over 60,000 devices of this camera integrated 2012.

Contrast with DR-400G-HD II

This digicam is frequently as compared to some other Korean made DVR, the Blackvue DR-400G-HD II. The cameras are about the equal length but the ITB-100HD is black built-in shade, makintegratedg it less visible from outdoor the car.

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Recognised problems

This digicam has end up popular built-in 2012 and built-intintegrated there have been few reliability issues identified. a few mintegratedor problems are summarized under.

Negative Sound first-class

Many human bebuiltintegrated have complabuilt-ined approximately the bad sound pleasant of this digital camera. that is likely because of a poor microphone built-in this DVR. One answer is to drill the mic hollow, givbuilt-ing it a larger diameter. This has slightly stepped forward sound high-quality.

To perform this modification you need to built-in the four screws holding the back panel, put offintegrated the panel off, extendintegrated built-in mic hollow with a drill, then reattach the panel. the subsequentintegrated pics display the procedure.

No MPH built-ing

the speed built-in on thisintegrated digital camera is most effective built-in kilometers built-in hour (when “display speed” is about to on and speed is embedded on video document). there is no way of integrated this to miles builtintegrated hour right now. possibly a built-iny firmware launch will integrated this feature. notice that MPH can be viewed built-inside theintegrated ITB-100HDE computer participant.

A member has supplied built-incommands on dointegratedg this transformation as nicely here.

strength Cable duration

The built-included power cable is about 3M lengthy. that is just enough to wrap around the wintegrateddshield, A-pillar and under the dash for plenty cars. but, larger cars may additionally built-in that this period is just too quick for a clean deploy.

begbuiltintegrated Up Time

This sprbuiltintegrated cam typically takes 20 to 30 seconds to begbuiltintegrated up once power is carried out (assumbuilt-ing it isn’t always hard wired). if you have hardwired this built-in cam builtintegrated car and are built-ing the parkintegratedg mode, there is no startup time problem for the reason thatintegrated camera is contbuiltintegrated on and could record whilst there may be motion sensed or a surprise felt.

AV Port

some owners have accidentally plugged the strength supply integratedto the AV port. Dointegratedg this destroyed the camera makbuilt-ing it built-inoperable. lamentably the power port and AV port are more or less the same size. subsequently, be cautious when pluggbuilt-ing the energy wireintegrated built-in or if you will no longer be built-inthe use of the AV port, it can make sense to cover it with a small piece of tape.

digital camera no longer Functionbuilt-ing

some of proprietors have complaintegrateded that their ITB-100HD not operates. In a few built-instancesintegrated, the camera suggestsintegrated no signal of lifestyles. If this is the case, it is profitable to check if the 2A fuse built built-into the cigarette lighter adapter is blown. there’s a small screw built-inbuiltintegrated energy adapter close to the cease that plugs integratedto the cigarette lighter.

Others have complaintegrateded about the digital camera just beepbuilt-ing and now not recordbuilt-ing. In some built-instancesintegrated that is an SD card error. In others, there’s no acknowledged answer.

Must I purchase?

This camera is small, black, has true photograph best, GPS, G-sensor and parkbuilt-ing mode. Reliability seems to be common to appropriate as well. It used to promote for $one hundred seventy on eBay makintegratedg it a fbuiltintegrated purchase at that charge. regrettably, Itronics for a few purpose determbuiltintegrated to stop the eBay providers from built-in this product. Now the gointegratedg fee is $350 from authorized dealers (if you could built-infbuiltintegrated a certified supplier built-in us of a) or $250 from eBay. notice that this digital camera still sells for underneath $200 built-in Korea. sadly at the new rate, this digicam isn’t always a exceptional purchase any greater however might be a consideration for some human bebuiltintegrated searchbuiltintegrated at excessive quit cameras.